Çok Güzelsin Yasak mısın?

50×70, Silkscreen print on Bristol Karton 308gr, 100 edition 

I have designed and printed this poster for the 8th Pink Life Queer Fest. During my development period I was visiting Bremen for the 25th Bremen Queer Film Festival, where my film #direnayol was screened. I was there with my protagonist Şevval Kılıç and we were making a lot of walks in the city. There were several deer sculptures in public spaces but also we could see several indoors decorating living rooms and balconies. I was inspired to do a poster which could be both 2 and 3 dimensional. Also knowing as a community we feel more safe at nights, what might seem very dull during daylight can become bright in the dark. I wanted to do a poster which would glow in the dark. My artist friend Hasan Aksaygın assisted me during the printing of the 100 editions. Another artist friend Noam Gorbat carried the 13 kilo package to İstanbul. Thank you kankacımz.