aşkım kuşu

300×210, Lithography and Silkscreen print on paper, unikat

aşkım kuşu is an ancient migrant Budgerigar Bird living in Kreuzberg, Berlin. It sings to its partner who lived in the shores of Anatolia, Kadıköy, İstanbul. cik cik cik cik cik cik. cok cok. süpet pet pet, süpet pet… 

I have developed a bird language to flirt with a lover who was living in Istanbul during that time. The bird language has different sounds which refer to different sexual and sensual actions. 

This behaviour is currently called sexting. 

I am highly inspired by other species. So sometimes I end up communicating in their ways, which is unfortunately only my imagination in the limits of my human brain. 

Süpet is a word from another language I happily use. 

There is a movie called ‘Birdmen of Istanbul’. There are many bird poems sang my human brains in this film. 

Aşkım Kuşu was commissioned for the SEEN BY #10 Conlang Exhibition curated by Misal Adnan Yıldız. 

For this work I transitioned to a bird. The Bird kept singing the song on the lithography stone. Cik cik cik, kissing the stone. Çat Çat, slapping the stone. Süpet pet, sucking the stone.