adam olmicam inşallah

30×40, Silkscreen print on sticker, 41 edition 

To be a man is a demanding performance. In Turkey to ‘’become a man’’ one has to complete some rituals and duties. The very first step to become a man is to get circumcised. During the big celebration, as the foreskin is cut, the family and the guests sings: Oldu da Bitti Maşallah, Adam Olacak İnşallah. Its already done, Maşallah, It will be a man, İnşallah. 

As my penis is already too small to be circumcised how could I make a ceremony to celebrate my masculinity: a possibility to become a man? 

During my time in the Screenprinting workshop I have formed personal relationships with the printing machines and the rakels. A machine was very special to me. She was with me in my best and in my worst day. She taught me what is patience, what is care, what is commitment. 

I wanted to protect the machine, inspired by heavy truck decorations, I printed 41 Nazar Boncuğu on it and named it Maşallah. 

I love wearing der Schurz and die Schürze. 

I get compliments for my ass. It makes me feel like I have balls. I trust in my ass. 

During the 2017 Rundgang opening I made a performance in the Siebdruckwerkstatt named ‘41 times Maşallah’  where I printed ‘Adam olmicam inşallah’. The 41 copies were gifted to the people who have commented ‘Maşallah’ under an instagram post of the art work. The prints, serving as protectors against the evil eye, traveled to Turkey, Greece, Israel, USA and Mexico.